Navigating Singapore is a breeze, thanks to its world-class transport system. Efficient and extensive, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) connects major tourist spots, business hubs, and residential areas. Clean, punctual, and user-friendly, the MRT is a favored mode for both locals and tourists. Buses complement the rail system, reaching places less accessible by train. Grab a stored-value EZ-Link card for hassle-free transfers between buses and trains. For more direct routes, taxis are plentiful, metered, and reasonably priced. Alternatively, explore the city’s green side by renting a bicycle or walking along its well-maintained paths. Don’t forget to download local transport apps to plan routes, check schedules, and estimate fares. Whatever mode you choose, Singapore’s transport promises a comfortable, convenient, and connected journey, letting you focus on soaking in the city’s sights and sounds.